Friday, December 16, 2005

House Passes Iraq Resolution

The house just passed House Resolution 612 "Expressing the commitment of the House of Representatives to achieving victory in Iraq."

The text of the bill states:
...expressing the commitment of the House of Representatives to achieving victory in Iraq.

Whereas the Iraqi election of December 15, 2005, the first to take place under the newly ratified Iraqi Constitution, represented a crucial success in the establishment of a democratic, constitutional order in Iraq; and

Whereas Iraqis, who by the millions defied terrorist threats to vote, were protected by Iraqi security forces with the help of United States and Coalition forces: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That--

(1) the House of Representatives is committed to achieving victory in Iraq;

(2) the Iraqi election of December 15, 2005, was a crucial victory for the Iraqi people and Iraq's new democracy, and a defeat for the terrorists who seek to destroy that democracy;

(3) the House of Representatives encourages all Americans to express solidarity with the Iraqi people as they take another step toward their goal of a free, open, and democratic society;

(4) the successful Iraqi election of December 15, 2005, required the presence of United States Armed Forces, United States-trained Iraqi forces, and Coalition forces;

(5) the continued presence of United States Armed Forces in Iraq will be required only until Iraqi forces can stand up so our forces can stand down, and no longer than is required for that purpose;

(6) setting an artificial timetable for the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces from Iraq, or immediately terminating their deployment in Iraq and redeploying them elsewhere in the region, is fundamentally inconsistent with achieving victory in Iraq;

(7) the House of Representatives recognizes and honors the tremendous sacrifices made by the members of the United States Armed Forces and their families, along with the members of Iraqi and Coalition forces; and

(8) the House of Representatives has unshakable confidence that, with the support of the American people and the Congress, United States Armed Forces, along with Iraqi and Coalition forces, shall achieve victory in Iraq.

Here's how the voting broke down:

Vote # total (Rep/dem/Ind)
279 (218/59/0)
Nay 109 (0/108/1)

Unfortunately, I missed which party the last two 'Yeas' were. My apologies.

What's amazing is that 108 Democrats were against expressing a commitment to victory as stated in this bill. Keeping in mind the 2006 elections, two possibile reasons for this result are that either the Democrats think that Iraq will fall apart in the 9 months or so and they can make hay over the issue, or that Iraq will quickly become a non-issue and the short attention spans of the electorate will be their saving grace. Overall, this doesn't strike me a politically savvy move.


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