Wednesday, January 18, 2006

O'Reilly and Murtha

Just a bit ago Bill O'Reilly (yes that Bill O'Reilly) was commenting on recent posting on some websites questioning Rep. Murtha's purple hearts. He rather strongly condemned suggestions that Murtha didn't earn his awards, stating that without strong evidence to support such statements were beyond the pale and dishonerable, and that it should stop immediately.

I strongly disagree that Murtha's experience gives him special moral authority or expertise to speak about the war. That said, I have to just as strongly agree with O'Reilly on this one, that attacking his service without strong evidence is dishonorable.

Murtha's ideas on withdrawal are attackable on their on merits (or lack thereof), and there is no need to attack the man. Supporters of Republicanism and the war should be better than that.


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