Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Republican Party Abandoning Conservatisim?

Conservatives are advocates of limited government, and the Republican Party is the contemporary home of American conservatives. The classically conservative view is that the federal government's proper role is to maintain individual rights, protect the nation, and ensure the stability of commerce between states. The federal government has little or no business engineering community standards.

Yet under Republican leadership the growth of the federal government continues apace. Playing to a perceived base on the religious right, Republicans have wasted time and effort on all the wrong social engineering projects. If government has any place in legislating morality and social issues, surely it is at a more local level where local problems and standards need local knowledge and solutions.

Neither party is good on this issue; both parties are willing to stretch the tentacles of government into every corner of our day to day lives—if to different ends at times. What's so onerous about the Republican Party doing it is that it is a wholesale betrayal of one of the core conservative principles.


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