Thursday, January 12, 2006

School Daze

I'm in a daze--after almost fourteen years, I'm finally doing something that I'd put off for all too long. Something that will make a positive change in my life. I'm finally going back to university to get a Bachelor's degree.

After high school, I started at university--but in a case of something looking better on paper than it was in reality, I found my major of Electrical Engineering to be not to my liking. Very much not to my liking in fact, so much so that I found that I was not applying myself and, predictably, failing. After my first semester, I joined the Army.

When I left the Army at the end of my contract, I was the proud father of a six month old daughter and went straight into the workforce, joining a small software company. In that job and my subsequent jobs, I found that my earning potential was less than my coworkers--simply because I didn't have a degree.

Despite the fact that I worked my way up to a supervisory level, even new hires with absolutely no experience would get paid better than I--just because they had a degree. My opportunites to move to a new job were limited as well, as most companies wouldn't even consider an applicant without a degree--regardless of what sort of experience was listed on my resume.

So finally, I've said "Enough! No excuses!"--upon returning to the United States after four years abroad, I've applied and been accepted to the state university. Classes start next week.

If any young readers out there question the value of a university degree, let me assure you it is the best investment you can make in your future. Sure, there are stories of people who have made it big without anything more than a high school diploma, but that's the exception and not the rule. Most of us will never be a Bill Gates.

For the older readers who think it's too late for them, let me just say that it's never too late!


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