Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Arizona to Deploy Guard Troops to Border?

Fox News is reporting that Arizona is considering deploying national guard troops to the border with Mexico. I've posted before my feelings about border security, so anyone who has followed my posts in the past won't be surprised to find that I am fully in favor of this move.

I already know the knee-jerk criticisms of my support for a policy such as this:

"You're advocating an anti-immigrant, policy...you're a racist!" --Nothing could be further from the truth. I'm married to a legal asian immigrant. A desire for legal immigration isn't racist.

"It won't stop illegal immigration, people will still want to come." --Probably can't cure a cancer, so why go to the doctor? The house is going to burn, so why call the fire department? Crime is going to happen, so why hire police? Defeatist thinking helps nobody. What we can hope such a move will do is to put a serious dent into the flow of immigrants entering illegally.

Illegal immigration affects us all, it takes jobs out of the market and taxes out of the coffers. It denigrates the laws of our land and threatens our national security. We need immigration--but of the legal sort.


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